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15 Hot Tips That Will Supercharge Your Sales Career

15 Hot Tips That Will Supercharge Your Sales Career
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15 Hot Tips That Will Supercharge Your Sales Career

Contributor(s): Henry, Carl (Author)

ISBN: 0965762610 EAN: 9780965762618

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: August 03, 2015

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170 pages

Following the success of The MODERN Sales System, Carl Henry had an interesting problem. While the system was undoubtedly helping thousands of producers transform their careers and their companies, there was still more to be said. More than two decades of trying different approaches and techniques had left him with countless tips and techniques that could help salespeople out, but didn't fit in the original book. In other words, he needed to find a way to pass on all the "extra stuff" he knew.

15 Hot Tips was the answer to that problem. Designed for salespeople who are already strong in the basics, this book features more than a dozen pieces of sales advice - everything salespeople need to break into the top 1% of their field. From prospecting to negotiations and closes, this book covers the finer points in the selling process.

This isn't the textbook for selling 101, it's a roadmap to the top. "As your sales career progresses, you should be working to do more and more selling and less of everything else. Find a way to remove tasks that aren't helping you sell, and learn to do good work without being a perfectionist. Over time, those extra hours spent prospecting and closing will pay you back with a much higher income."-p. 104 "Long ago, I figured out a secret that's helped me earn a lot of money: When you stand up in front of a group of people, you usually sit down a little richer. It's simple math.

By speaking to many customers at once, you're multiplying your sales efforts, because you can sell to more people at the same time. Additionally, you're probably doing a better job than you'd be able to do one-on-one because of the trust that people put in those who aren't afraid to express themselves in public."-p. 75

Contributor Bio: Henry, Carl
Carl F. H. Henry is founding editor of Christianity Today and professor and visiting lecturer at evangelical seminaries around the world. His many other books include Twilight of a Great Civilization: The Drift toward Neo-Paganism and God, Revelation, and Authority.
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